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Keeping the King in Madeira Beach

Keeping the King in Madeira Beach

The Old Salt King of the Beach Kingfish Tournament is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with the 2018 Spring tournament. For 14 of those years the tournament has been held in Madeira Beach, Florida, the club’s home for the over 47 years. Heck, Old Salt was founded right here in Madeira Beach by local fisherman.

Recently we encountered obstacles to using the Madeira Beach Recreation park, as we have all these years. In the Spring of 2017 Madeira Beach city elections saw 3 new commissioners voted into office.  The political landscape changed dramatically in a very short period of time.  The new commission wanted to levy a new fee schedule, with single event fees soaring to over $12,000 for Old Salt. The new fee(s) were to cover renting the event field. We were unprepared for this increase. It put the event and the Foundations financial goals in jeopardy. With 2 King of the Beach tournaments each year we were looking at a $24,000 hit to our ability to serve fishing families and our charity partners.

Well, after a bit of a scare, it looks like the tournament will once again take place in Madeira Beach. We asked for help and thanks to our faithful community supporters, a new City Manager and local businesses, Old Salt and the City of Madeira Beach reached an agreement that is a true win-win for everyone involved.

We now have a 5 year agreement with the City of Madeira Beach to keep the Old Salt King of the Beach tournament right here at “home”.  This agreement will allow us to keep our entry fees low, keep free parking and free admission to the event. So for everyone that has been wondering…. YES, we are still on for the Spring event and we will be keeping the King in Madeira Beach.  Thankfully we are able to continue our great relationship with the City of Madeira Beach.

This year we are anticipating a record turnout.  It will be so nice to see a community come together over fishing. We will be donating $25,000 to local charities on the stage this spring, so don’t miss it. The event is April 26, 27 & 28th, 2018.  It is open to the public and has over 80 marine related vendors, tons of food and drinks, a kids zone with splash pad, boat displays and even live music.  So whether you are a fisherman, or just want to see some fish being weighed in, there is something for all ages.  The event is held at the Madeira Beach Recreation Field.

We want to THANK everyone that came out and supported us that includes: residents, old salt members, volunteers, charities, sponsors and the media for making this all possible.  It was nice to see everyone rally to keep a great event right in the very spot it all began.

Articles published about the opposition:

Josh Rojas – Bay News 9 – Madeira Beach, Old Salt at odds over ‘King of the Beach’ event  (click here to read story)

Sheila Estrada – Tampabay Times – Kingfish tournament pushes back against new fees in Madeira Beach (click here to read story)

King of the Beach AGGREGATE standings

King of the Beach AGGREGATE standings

It’s Fall and we will have a winner of the Spring/Fall aggregate prize y’all signed up for in April. The prize is $6250 and the winner takes all!  Only teams/captain’s that weighed a fish last spring are listed and remember that the prize follows the Captain not the team name. Here are the current standings… Continue Reading

Want To Win That Fishing Tournament? Use Bulk Fluorocarbon

Want To Win That Fishing Tournament? Use Bulk Fluorocarbon

editors note: this article may bee accessed in its original at bullbuster.net and is used here with permission. Boats that consistently win tournaments are prepared.  It’s about spending more time fishing.  This isn’t just about getting on the water, it’s about the amount of time you are fishing when you are on the water. If you… Continue Reading

Still in Awe

Still in Awe

As I sit here 4+ months after winning the largest tournament on the West Coast I’m still in awe. My father and I have been fishing King of the Beach since its inception. Although we have always done well in the event we’d never managed to pull off the difficult task of winning the whole… Continue Reading

Winning Moments

Winning Moments

2016 Old Salt Fall King Of The Beach Capt. Kyle & Jenny Applefield The morning started off just like any other tournament morning. The alarm clock rang just before 4 AM. I get my clothes and foul weather gear together, pack up the rods, tackle, downrigger, food and drinks. A quick pitstop to the gas… Continue Reading

Crabby’s Corner: Snook Bite & King Mackerel

Crabby’s Corner: Snook Bite & King Mackerel

Talking tips for inshore and offshore west coast Florida fishing Inshore: The Snook bite is hot right now and should be on fire as the water temps get into the upper seventies and low eighties. These fish are in there pre-spawn pattern and will be moving from the inshore waters, through the passes and onto… Continue Reading

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