Old Salt King of the Beach Kingfish Tournament

The 26th Annual Fall King of the Beach
Highlights Reel

488 competitive fishing teams from across the U.S. competed for the crown this Fall, November 7, 8 & 9th. We've captured some of what went on those 3 days for you.

Watch Highlights From The Fall KING On YouTube

Old Salt Fish Spread Contest

Do You Smoke... Your Fish, That Is?

Coming right on the heels of the Fall KING, this competition and tasting is one of our most popular local events. Contestants will vie for cash, prizes and bragging rights while attendees will taste, vote and enjoy. The good people at Gators Cafe & Saloon on Johns Pass host the event and all of the spreads are homemade and prepared with local fish

Test Your Spread Against The Rest

fish spread contest
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