Most tournament anglers fishing the Old Salt King of the Beach employ a range of tactics designed to maximize their chances to land the smoker that carries the day. Intuition, experience, research and sometimes just a plain old gut feeling all come into play.

Live baits rule the roost on most tournament vessels. It is hard to argue against some combo of blue runners, threadfins, cigar minnows, ladyfish, bluefish, spanish mackerel and your personal favorites. Most teams won’t fish the tournament without a strong mix of predominately live baits. That’s just the way it is. Old habits & all of that…..

Kingfish are eaters. Big eaters. And, they eat what’s there. That sounds a little too simple but, it is the truth. And, when they are on the hunt for the “meal du jour” it is never artificial. That said, mixing in the right artificials, when you are looking to fill the column & maximize your odds of a strike, can make all the difference in the world. The artificial needs to look right and it needs to move right. Trolling the right artificial bait across the column gives the hungry King one more opportunity to feed. Enter Sea Lime Lures.

We ran into Sea Lime and their innovative line of lures at ICAST last October. They offer three distinct lines of lures, Signature, Coastal & Squid. The Coastal series (the East Coast Pogie in particular) look tailor-made for catching smoker kings.

From the Sea Lime website: Sea Lime Fishing Lures provide the perfect movement of a fish in an artificial lure for an unsurpassed offshore trolling experience. Most offshore fishing lures are made with rigid plastic or have paddle tails or spoon bills that gives a somewhat stiff, unrealistic and almost toy-like motion. The Sea Lime fluid life-like motion imitates the realistic swimming action of a baitfish using channeled water technology. Interchangeable bodies are “quick-change artists” and allow for flexibility and ease of use.

Check out this innovative new line of lures before you head out to fish the KING. You might end up $50,000 happier for it.

Sealime Lures is a sponsor for the 2017 Old Salt King of the Beach, Kingfish Tournament. Visit Sea Lime at