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King of the Beach AGGREGATE standings

It’s Fall and we will have a winner of the Spring/Fall aggregate prize y’all signed up for in April.

The prize is $6250 and the winner takes all!  Only teams/captain’s that weighed a fish last spring are listed and remember that the prize follows the Captain not the team name.

Here are the current standings ….

Captain Name Team Name Aggregate Spring Weight Fall Weight Total Weight
Casey Dan Team Snappers Yes 47.59 47.59
Salvant Aaron K-Factor Yes 46.85 46.85
Huynh Tri Alexander Pharmacy Yes 43.62 43.62
Railey Zach Don Ray Gear/Bucket Innovations Yes 40.54 40.54
Cantonis Chris Lady Godiva II Yes 38.98 38.98
raison kyle fish whistle Yes 35.92 35.92
Vasilaros Jack Kingsmen Yes 32.58 32.58
Applefield Kyle Loaded Down Yes 28.62 28.62
Polen Michael Who R You Yes 28.30 28.30
Mayer Jesse James Gang Yes 27.12 27.12
Durrance Jeffri Top Down Yes 26.95 26.95
Pavlakis Nick Anderson Road Cafe Yes 24.69 24.69
Walker Kevin Its All About Attitude Yes 24.38 24.38
LAND MIKE LANDS END Yes 24.37 24.37
Berdell Ron Wine Down Yes 23.15 23.15
Heavenridge David Courtside Grille Yes 21.47 21.47
Hickman Brad GFY Yes 21.40 21.40
Hall Chad Reel Wild Yes 20.45 20.45
Thomas John Walleye II Yes 19.91 19.91
caruso rick badhabit Yes 19.44 19.44
Maisano Joe Go Fast Yes 19.35 19.35
Rodriguez Sam Reel Fin Addict Yes 19.27 19.27
Gloeckl Keith R-Kat Yes 17.00 17.00
Ford John Team KO/Central Marine Yes 16.55 16.55
Labrie Rick Flat Broke Yes 15.73 15.73
Strawhecker Bob Wood Butcher Yes 15.73 15.73
Ramsey Mike The Swedish Fish Yes 15.27 15.27
Loving Trevor Outcast Yes 14.88 14.88
Queen Christopher Saltwater Souljers Yes 13.61 13.61
Ford Neil Tail Chaser Yes 11.66 11.66
Abbott Ryan Team Tommy Knockers Yes 10.88 10.88
Stineman Chris Team Paver Supply Warehouse Yes 10.55 10.55
Stein Al Seas the Day Yes 8.41 8.41



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