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Bait University – Barracuda Tackle

Bait University – Barracuda Tackle

If you’re going to fish, you are going to need bait. Right?

Ok, that’s a patently silly question but, it begets a range of legitimate questions facing all anglers regarding bait, like: bait choice, bait acquisition strategies and tactics, general how to questions and much more. In this new series of videos from Old Salt partner Barracuda Tackle, you’ll be introduced to solid recommendations and advice answering a range of bait related questions. Check out the 1st installment of Bait University “How To Throw A Cast Net” with Captain Will Osborne.

The Bait university series will be published on the Barracuda Tackle social media outposts for ease of access.

Catch up with Burton Young and Barracuda Tackle to enjoy Bait University and more great bait and cast net content on: YouTube – Facebook – The Barracuda Tackle Website

It’s Soapfish Season!

It’s Soapfish Season!

Known as “soapfish” to some old crackers, Snook are one of Florida’s premier inshore gamefish and are making a comeback in our region from the harsh winters of 2009-2010. Many moons ago, originating in the everglades area, locals referred to the Snook as having poor table fair value. These days, they are the undoubtedly labeled… Continue Reading

Want To Win That Fishing Tournament? Use Bulk Fluorocarbon

Want To Win That Fishing Tournament? Use Bulk Fluorocarbon

editors note: this article may bee accessed in its original at bullbuster.net and is used here with permission. Boats that consistently win tournaments are prepared.  It’s about spending more time fishing.  This isn’t just about getting on the water, it’s about the amount of time you are fishing when you are on the water. If you… Continue Reading

Crabby’s Corner: Snook Bite & King Mackerel

Crabby’s Corner: Snook Bite & King Mackerel

Talking tips for inshore and offshore west coast Florida fishing Inshore: The Snook bite is hot right now and should be on fire as the water temps get into the upper seventies and low eighties. These fish are in there pre-spawn pattern and will be moving from the inshore waters, through the passes and onto… Continue Reading

Whiffle Ball Bat Feeding Frenzy

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ “Catching Winter Convicts”   Winter is here and with it comes a cornucopia of inshore gamefish. Whether you’re looking for some drag screaming Snook and Redfish, or some fine eating Flounder and Sheepshead, the next few months will give you plenty of opportunities. Once the water temps get into the seventies… Continue Reading

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