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Boats that consistently win tournaments are prepared.  It’s about spending more time fishing.  This isn’t just about getting on the water, it’s about the amount of time you are fishing when you are on the water.

If you are a serious tournament fisherman having a 50 yard skein of fluorocarbon just simply isn’t enough.  You should have several bulk spools of fluorocarbon at your disposal and you need to be making your rigs before you hit the water and you need to maximizing your time fishing by having those rigs ready to go. Running out of leaders and realizing the night after day 1 of your tournament is not an option.  There are a lot of competitive fishing teams out there, one mistake can potentially cost you thousands.

We recommend keeping your bulk fluoro spools at home. Here you can make an assortment of different leaders so you are ready for different situations before you even think about getting on the water. Utilize those stormy days to be ready for fishing when the time when the time is right.   Use Yoyos, or a sets of ziplock bags with a sharpie to prep your gear so it’s easy to figure out what you are looking for out on the water.  As DJ Khaled would say, a “major key” to success is preparation.

If you are fishing sailfish tournaments* this definitely applies to you. For tournaments you have no business fishing mono.  Yea there are insane days out there where the bite is going off.  But if the bite is going off for you it’s going off for everyone.  Use every advantage you can get to get the edge. Most boats today are using fluoro for tournaments.  Nowadays fluorocarbon is not a competitive edge but a given.  If you are not using fluoro you are starting from behind.

(* this advice is equally germane for Kingfish tournaments (think: King of the Beach) where the Kings are big and the competition is fierce)

The  bulk fluorocarbon we can barely keep on our shelves during tournament season is our 40LB 500 yard spools.  These things fly like hot cakes.  Get a hold of your bulk spools before the season starts.  Every year we sell out quick!

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