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Florida FWC Seeks Your Comments

Fellow anglers. You will be forgiven if you haven’t stumbled to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s recent request for comments on Flounder, Sheepshead and Tripletail. These kind of requests for input often get obscured by the plethora of information going into, and coming out of, the FWC. In the FWC’s words: FWC is collecting feedback on Florida’s… Continue Reading

Pan-Fried Cinnamon Flounder Tostada w/Chipotle Cream & Candied Jalapeno Strips

Cinnamon What?!? Candied What?!? That’s the first response I usually get when I trot this recipe out for friends who’ve never had the dish. This dish is a treat, both to make and eat, as it breaks with convention and tastes delicious for the effort. If you are a Mexican/Tex-Mex food lover, this is one… Continue Reading

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