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Old Salt Photo of the Week: SPANISH MACKEREL

Old Salt Photo of the Week: SPANISH MACKEREL

This week we are looking for SPANISH MACKEREL photos.  This is an add on species to the 25th Anniversary Spring King of the Beach.  The prize this week is a official King of the Beach Performance T-shirt and a VIP package which includes drink tickets, raffle tickets and more.  Valued over $75.  So send us your pics by April 9th to win.


The Spanish mackerel can be distinguished from both the cero mackerel, Scomberomorus regalis, and the king mackerel, S. cavalla, by the presence of bronze or yellow spots but no stripes, on the sides and by lack of scales on the pectoral fins. The cero, the Spanish mackerels closest look-alike in the Atlantic, has both spots and stripes of bronze and yellow on the sides, and the king mackerel has neither spots nor stripes. Both the cero and the king mackerel have scales on the pectoral fins.The anterior portion of the first dorsal fin in the Spanish mackerel is black (not true of the king mackerel), and the second dorsal fin and pectoral fins may be black tipped. The body is essentially silvery and typically mackerel-like. The back is bluish.


This is an excellent game fish that can be taken on a wide variety of lures and baits. Nylon jigs are considered on of the best lures, especially when retrieved rapidly with an occasional jerk of the rod tip to impact a darting motion to the jig. Feather lures and spoons are also successful, while minnows and live shrimp are the best natural baits. Occasionally almost any lure or bait will work, while at other times, nothing will.

Old Salt Photo of the Week: FLOUNDER

Old Salt Photo of the Week: FLOUNDER

This week we are looking for FLOUNDER photos.  So send us in your best and you could win $50 to the Old Salt store. Submit them by March 19th to be eligible. FLOUNDER are a group of flatfish species. They are demersal fish, found at the bottom of oceans around the world; some species will also enter estuaries. Some of… Continue Reading

Photo of the Week: TROUT

Photo of the Week: TROUT

This week is TROUT!  We are super excited to have a special prize for you this week.  It is a beautiful silver trout necklace.  It was donated by Johnston Jewelers, a long time friend, member and supporter of Old Salts. So… send us your pics and WIN BIG. Remember it can be any kind of… Continue Reading

Photo of the Week: SELFIES

This week we are looking for SELFIES!! Yes, grab your phone and take a selfie while fishing or with a fish and you could win this weeks $50 Gift Certificate. Here is a great article on SELFIES while Fishing: How To Capture Amazing “Fish Selfies” When You Fish Alone By: Joseph Simonds on March 15,… Continue Reading

Photo of the Week: TRIPLE TAIL

Photo of the Week: TRIPLE TAIL

This week we are looking for the addictive TRIPLE TAIL.  Get your pics in by January 29th to win. Here is a great article by: Captain Ryan Harrington I will start this article with a warning: TRIPLETAIL FISHING IS ADDICTIVE: PROCEED WITH CAUTION.  They are not necessarily an inshore target, not necessarily and offshore target… Continue Reading

Photo of the Week: Sheepshead

This week we are looking for convicts … I mean Sheepshead. These toothy, black and white striped fish are great to catch during these colder months. So, send in your best by January 22nd to win this week. Unique to Sheepshead is they have human teeth. A fully-grown adult sheepshead will have well-defined incisors sitting at… Continue Reading

Photo of the Week:  Redfish

Photo of the Week: Redfish

This week is REDFISH photos. (Submit between Jan 9th thru 15th to win) I know that y’all have some great pics, blur out the background to keep your favorite spot a secret or just show us what you got. How many spots are on a REDFISH’s body? One is normal. Some say multiple spots are… Continue Reading

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