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Photo of the Week: Redfish

This week is REDFISH photos. (Submit between Jan 9th thru 15th to win)
I know that y’all have some great pics, blur out the background to keep your favorite spot a secret or just show us what you got.

How many spots are on a REDFISH’s body?
One is normal. Some say multiple spots are female but biologists say its only a pigment problem. I don’t know. Maybe someone will come up with some real data. A couple of years ago the winning red with the most spots in a local tourney had 60 spots! As of 2015 the Florida state record was 160 spots. 

So share your story and your photo and you just might be featured as our photo of the week winner!  The prize …. $50 gift certificate to our online Old Salt Store to score you some cool swag or gear.

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