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Old Salt Photo of the Week: CAST NETS

Cast net photos are full of grace … or blunders. We love seeing you throw your nets. In the past we have seen sunset throws on the beach to kids throwing perfect pancakes. One of our newer sponsors: Barracuda Nets will be out at the King of the Beach where you can test your skills and see a wide selection of sizes and weight nets.  If you want to try your luck at winning one, come out to the Old Salt Sea Wall Tournament March 13th and we will have one in the raffle.

So send us your best and you just might win Photo of the Week!

This week is sponsored by Bett’s Fishing Center … another great event this week to learn more on fishing is the Fishin’ Hobnob at Bett’s this Thursday night March 8th at 7pm.

Betts Fishing Center is your one stop source for fishing tackle, rods, reels, repairs, or just advice.  Come on in and visit with our experienced staff.   We have been helping Tampa Bay anglers improve their fishing experiencefor over 50 years! 

At Betts Fishing Center, we will help you learn new techniques, find the best equipment for the fish being targeted, and select lures and rigs that will get more fish to the boat. 

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