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Old Salt Photo of the Week: BARRACUDA

This week were looking for CUDA pics!  Show us some teeth and you could win a $50 Gift Certificate to the Old Salt Store.

How to Land a Barracuda.

Once you have seen close-up the armament a barracuda has in its mouth, you will forever handle it with great respect. If it is a large fish, use a long-handled gaff and sink the point just behind the head, then swing the fish into the box as quickly as possible. Smaller fish can be lifted by the wire leader. However, large ones should be released because of the danger of ciguatera poisoning from eating them. The only way to safely release a large fish is to cut the wire with pliers as near to the mouth as possible, remembering that barracuda frequently choose to jump when at the boat. Smaller fish can be handled by grasping them behind the head with a gloved hand while dislodging the hook with pliers with the other hand.

Credits: Boris Arnov’s Fish Florida SaltwaterChapter 2, Barracuda, Pg. 7

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