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Winner of Pier / Jetty – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-Pier-JettyThis week we were looking for your pier and jetty fishing pictures.  Congrats to Tyree Cole for stealing the show with an awesome Tarpon picture. He and his friends regularly have a great time fishing the Redington Beach Long Pier.  He has caught all kinds of fish including a beautiful snook or two.


Pier fishing is the fishing technique of fishing off a pier. A pier is best describe as a raised structure over water that is supported by spread piles or pillars. Depending on the type of pier, water might be able to flow right through it or it may act as a breakwater. You can fish from a pier in both saltwater and freshwater in virtually any type of body of water. One of the biggest benefits of pier fishing is the fisherman having the ability to reach certain depths of a body of water that couldn’t be reached via shore. Fish find piers useful for finding food or avoiding predators.

Fishing Tips Depot does a great job of outlining the basics and has a tip section too.

Check them out – CLICK HERE

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