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Category Archives: Advocacy

Fisherman Helping Fisherman … Florida Strong

Fisherman Helping Fisherman … Florida Strong

Hurricane Irma visited the Florida Keys last week leaving behind a devastated charter fishing industry. These are our fellow fishermen. They are devastated both personally & professionally and need our assistance to recover and rebuild. Old Salt Fishing Foundation is establishing the Fishermen Helping Fishermen Fund to raise money, & provide direct financial support to,… Continue Reading

Goliath Grouper: FWC Workshops on regulations

Goliath Grouper: FWC Workshops on regulations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will hold public workshops to solicit comments on Goliath Grouper. Old Salt Fishing Foundation is advocating that we open this species up with regulations.  We urge all interested fishermen to attend these meetings if possible and express your thoughts to FWC. If you cannot attend an in-person… Continue Reading

Florida FWC Seeks Your Comments

Fellow anglers. You will be forgiven if you haven’t stumbled to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s recent request for comments on Flounder, Sheepshead and Tripletail. These kind of requests for input often get obscured by the plethora of information going into, and coming out of, the FWC. In the FWC’s words: FWC is collecting feedback on Florida’s… Continue Reading

Red Snapper Sector Separation Sunset Provision Extension

The Gulf Council (Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council) is living slap up to the “Snidely Whiplash” caricature so many Gulf anglers already recognize it as. Here we are, one year into Red Snapper Sector Separation (Amendment 40), the ink barely dry, arguments pro & con still ringing in our ears and the Council appears intent on pounding a cob up… Continue Reading

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