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They’re Your Fisheries – Are You Informed?

Did you know…..?

  • Only 5 weeks into 2015 and the NOAA Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office has already published 12 fishery bulletins affecting recreational and commercial anglers.Get Informed To Defend your Fishing Rights
  • Stories have surfaced asserting 3 members of the Gulf Council are in clear violation of the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act for their positions with a commercial advocacy and lobbying organization.
  • NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Administrator, Dr. Roy Crabtree, on a call in session held today, will provide an update and take questions about red snapper management in the Gulf of Mexico including the 2015 recreational red snapper fishing season and most recently Amendment 40 to the fishery management plan.

Rust never sleeps and neither, apparently, does the regulatory machine…..

Barring a serious commitment by anglers to stay abreast (plus a high tolerance for bureau-speak and the patience of Job) of the many fisheries management efforts underway “on our behalf”  we will see more and more regulations enacted that relegate recreational saltwater angling to the dustbin of American history. Florida has in excess of 1.1 million licensed recreational anglers. I suspect that a significant number of them are out of the loop concerning the depth and breadth of the war being waged against their fishing interests.

So, whats an angler to do? Well, before you form your own strong opinions and resolve to take action, get informed. Then, stay informed! The truth is out there…. It is out there, tucked away in email lists, websites and social media outposts. I have dredged up a few and would love to hear from you about additional information sources

Subscribe to NOAA Southeast Fishery Bulletins HERE

Stay on top of NOAA News HERE

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Facebook Page

Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission Saltwater Fishing Regulations Page

Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission Facebook Page

The Fishing Rights Alliance Website

What you do not know can definitely affect you. If you love to fish, want a voice in the promulgation of fisheries management plans and need a place to start….. start by being an informed angler.

Jim Alexander is an Old Salt Fishing Foundation member. Opinions offered in this post are his own not, necessarily,  those of the Old Salt Fishing Foundation. You may reach Jim Here

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