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Florida FWC Seeks Your Comments

Fellow anglers. You will be forgiven if you haven’t stumbled to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s recent request for comments on Flounder, Sheepshead and Tripletail. These kind of requests for input often get obscured by the plethora of information going into, and coming out of, the FWC. In the FWC’s words:

FWC is collecting feedback on Florida’s flounder, sheepshead and tripletail fisheries. If you fish for any of these three species, we’d like to know more about:

  • Whether you actively target them or if you catch them while targeting other species
  • How you fish for them (hook-and-line, etc.)
  • Is the fishery seasonal in your area
  • When and where you target them
  • Your thoughts on how these fisheries are doing – compared to the past and/or compared to other fisheries
  • Your thoughts on current management of these species

Old Salt encourages all anglers who fish Florida waters to chime in. Let’s make certain our voices are heard in Tallahassee.

To participate in the conversation head over to the FWC Rulemaking Comment Area.

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5 Responses to Florida FWC Seeks Your Comments

  1. Because of the state of Floridas refusal to regulate a size limit on blue crab like other eastern states a main source of food for flounder,sheepshead and triple tail Florida has lose the great numbers of these fish to starvation

  2. Very few Flounder in the Marco Island, Rookery Bay area. Seatrout population way down. Lack of seagrass from Manatees has affected the Seatrout badly. Flounder numbers could be simply too many fishermen. Increase size? Reduce limit?
    The number of kayak fishermen is incredible. I have nothing against them but I believe they need to pay a registration fee that equals what we skiff owners have to pay. They have the privilege of fishing the same waters. Their extreme numbers, equal much fewer fish, catching keeper mangrove snapper is very difficult, along with all species. Entire area is over-fished. Thanks!

  3. I have been fishing Sheepshead in Charlotte Harbor off of Little Gasporilla Island for the last 12 years. The catch off the docks and pillions has deceaseed signifintly. Those that are caught are well below the “Keep limit”. I have never limited out here, and never tried to. However, I just want to feed my family and friends with a day on the dock.

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