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Making The Photo of the Week Calendar

The 2017 Old Salt Photo of the Week Calendar is (shameless commercial plug) available on the Old Salt Store. When you purchase the calendar you get a year’s worth of the 12 best photos we received in the Photo of the Week contest throughout 2016. We get thousands of photos, pick weekly winners and then ask the fishing community to vote to choose the 12 best for inclusion in the calendar. That leaves a whole bunch of great pics on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Here are a few great pics that didn’t make the calendar.


redfish photo of the week submission - chris-campbell
Redfish – Chris Campbell


eddy-cooper-kayak fishing
Kayak Fishing – Eddy Cooper


Kingfish – Phylicia Bugna


Wade Fishing – Michael Winkler


Cast Netting – Angel Martinez


These are only five of the many great photos we are blessed with all year round. Each weeks winner receives a swag bag/prize, loads of social media love  and goes into the year-end contest in November of that year. The trick to making the annual calendar is:

  1. Submit awesome photos every week
  2. Somewhere around November (and after you’ve won one of the weeks) rally friends and family to vote for your photo on the Old Salt Facebook Page. The top 12 vote getters win – that simple.

The new year is coming and we start the Photo of the Week contest all over again. Send us your best. 

You may also get your own 2017 Old Salt Photo of the Week Calendar right here.

Merry Christmas.

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