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Red Snapper Sector Separation Sunset Provision Extension

The Gulf Council (Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council) is living slap up to the “Snidely Whiplash” caricature so many Gulf anglers already recognize it as. Here we are, one year into Red Snapper Sector Separation (Amendment 40), the ink barely dry, arguments pro & con still ringing in our ears and the Council appears intent on pounding a cob up… Continue Reading

Regulatory & Environmental – ICAST 2016

  This years sessions on regulatory and environmental issues were Less combative than last year and….. Heavier on the role of institutional activism as a means to address fishing related matters. Informative and, maybe even eye opening. The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership sponsored and hosted two well constructed lunch sessions: Alternative Fisheries Management For The 21st Century Will… Continue Reading

Your 2016 Fishing Resolution

Resolution: the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method or procedure If your anything like the rest of us, you have your typical check list of New Years resolutions. Things like; exercise more, keep more organized, eat healthier, all the things any normal adult over the age of 30 is thinking. Why not add to… Continue Reading

2015 Fall King of the Beach Recap

The $50K Kingfish For 22 years the Hasson’s of Saint Petersburg, FL have fished the twice-yearly Old Salt King of the Beach Kingfish Tournament. Every Spring. Every Fall. Twenty-two years. Captain Billy Hasson (Dad), Captain Jimmy Hasson (Uncle) and now Captain Brian Hasson (Son) have each taken shots at being crowned King placing everywhere from… Continue Reading

Savor The Moment

Captain Dave Mistretta Walking through the entrance to the KOTB captains meeting is quite an experience. You can feel it in the air. An event of extraordinary proportion is taking place. Local businesses bring their best to publically strut their stuff.   Various restaurants squeeze together like a can of sardines their booths side by side,… Continue Reading

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