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Ladies Getting Hooked on Fishing

It seems to me that there is a longtime double standard for women and fishing.  Traditionally this has been a hobby, way of life and pastime typically for men.  Growing up your dad passes the torch down by teaching you the tips and tricks of fishing.  Well… let me tell you this sport is NOT just for men anymore.  Wether you guys meant to or not, by sharing the thrill of fishing with “us” women you have lead us to getting hooked for life.

So many of us can recount the first time you caught a fish or the first major fish you have ever landed and then, the stories just don’t stop, because we are always on the search for bigger fish and tighter lines.  This year I was able to land a major first … Blue Marlin catch and release.  Let me tell you it was so amazing all I can think about is doing it again!  Here is a small story of Penny’s first all night fishing trip with her family.

Penny NecaisePenny Necaise and her 16 year old son, Nicholas Necaise, and her boy friend Joe, all headed out for Penny’s very 1st all night fishing trip. If you have never been on an overnighter… let me tell you it is intense, but fun.
They decided to fish in Bay St. Louis, under the Bay bridge. At approximately 1:30 am, she hooked into what she knew was quite a huge Redfish. This was a true fight of about 30 minutes to get this 41 inch Red fish reeled in and safely netted and put it in ice chest.

Her son was amazed and kept saying, “Mama, that’s a catch of a lifetime”! What a feeling, not only the thrill of the fight and capture, but the how she made her son proud as well. So, now, to say the very least, Penny says, “I’m Hooked!” She found a great, relaxing, wonderful hobby and pleasure that she can now use as her true retirement hobby! It was a pure pleasure and enjoyment.Hopefully, she will catch many more of these moments.

The month the Old Salt Fishing Foundation is having their annual Ladies Fishing Tournament, September 4 & 6, 2014. All the proceeds benefit the Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation.  We encourage all you men to share the thrill of fishing with your wives, girlfriends, daughters and friends and get the hooked on fishing.

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