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Sweet Garlic-Pepper Glazed Red Snapper

While we (Gulf of Mexico Recreational Anglers) are not allowed to harvest Red Snapper just now there is never a bad time to cook this delicious fish. I had an idea in my head based on a glaze I had seen but never employed in my kitchen. The folk at Ozello Pepper Products make, among many other delightful products, a sweet Garlic Pepper glaze. Having tried one of their other products, a Jalapeno jelly, and thought I’d take a stab at the glaze with a piece of fresh Red Snapper.

I purchased a couple of pounds of ARS at The Crab Plant in Crystal River. Good folks with a nice selection of seafood and a restaurant to boot.

Recipe Ingredients

Red Snapper: 2 good sized fillets

Ozello Islands Garlic Pepper Glaze: 1/4 Cup

Lime: 1

Butter: 2 Tbsp


The complete ingredients…. the sweet potato is not technically required but, makes for a tasty side:) I like to rinse my filets in cold water and pat dry… very dry with paper towels.


We’ll go through this with one fillet. If you are cooking two, repeat. Cut the lime in half, measure out the glaze. You will need a grater and food brush.


Squeeze the lime over the fillet and then rub the the juice into the flesh with the lime itself.


Brush approximately half of the glaze on the flesh, right on top of the lime you just applied.


Bring a pat of butter in your skillet to medium heat and place the fillet flesh side down in the pan.


Turn the fillet after 3 minutes


Apply another coat of the glaze and grate some lime zest on the flesh as the skin side cooks…. 3 minutes.


Remove, plate and serve. I have to admit that this one never made it to the dining room table. I ate it right next to the stove on the kitchen counter. I was that good! The combination of the sweet garlicky glaze, lime juice & zest turn a fine piece of Snapper into a truly sumptuous meal.

Tight lines and Bon Apetit.

3 Responses to Sweet Garlic-Pepper Glazed Red Snapper

  1. There have been some fabulous recipes that I have found here. This looks like another. However, I am seriously miffed that, not only have you listed a local product as an ingredient, but the contents, even as seen in a picture of the stuff, is unavailable. I know that I can order it, but that is really not acceptable. Perhaps you can suggest another, or post the ingredients. I am sure that I could get close. Bon fish appetite.

    • Hi Jay – So, I included the product from Ozello Islands, with no alternative offered, specifically because I couldn’t figure out how to make this glaze (or one quite like it) myself. There are any number of substitutes you and I could try (jellies, jams, other glazes) but, the flavor profile of the Garlic Pepper sauce is unique enough and pairs so well with the Snapper/Lime/Zest combo that I went all in. I encourage you to take the plunge. Order the glaze up from the vendor ($7.00) and dive on in. I am sure you will find many other recipe uses for the glaze… I will be using it on Snook, turkey and ham over the holidays. Looking forward to seeing how it works. Happy cooking, tight lines and bon apetit.

  2. Thank you, Jim. I never expected to get a reply. I’ll have to rethink my reluctance. If the word proprietary or spices does not appear in the list of ingredients, maybe I’ll take a shot at reproduction.

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