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Sesame Ginger Tuna

At first mention of this recipe I was roundly accused of “going all Walmart” on this one.

Not to be constrained by the high brow attitudes of low brow cooks, I stuck to my guns and here you have it. A recipe anyone can use and a darned fine one at that.

We’re just coming out of the Florida West Coast Triple Crown Billfish Series where I was fortunate enough to be gifted some lovely Blackfin Tuna from Team For Now, Capt./Owner Dan Snyder during Leg 2 – the Crosthwait Extreme Billfish Tournament. So much Tuna that I had to vacuum pack and freeze some of the catch. (Freezer Hint: Freeze the Tuna prior to vacuum packing. It helps you have a moister product to work with when thawed.)

The “going all Walmart” charge references how I achieve the sesame ginger part of the recipe. Read on…..

First, start with the Tuna. The flesh I was graced to work with had a beautiful blood red color. A little stronger than say Yellowfin, and that’s just fine by me. These two pieces had only been frozen for one week.



Here is where the “Walmart” reference comes into play. I was in no mood on the evening in question to prep any more than absolutely necessary and found a decidedly easy and, as it turned out, delicious solution. Maries Sesame Ginger Coleslaw Dressing! Frankly, I don’t even think Walmart carries Maries product and what’s the beef with Walmart anyway?



Slather the steaks with the coleslaw mix, let set (covered and in the fridge) for 30 minutes.



Heat an iron skillet on medium and, when up to temperature, remove the tuna from the reefer and place in the pan. Cook 2-3 minutes per side (these had 3 sides) or to your taste for doneness. I like my tuna a little rare in the middle.



Keep going…..



When the steaks are ready to eat they deliver a subtle, sweet, almost caramelized smoky exterior that works very well with the natural taste of the tuna itself.


  • Tuna: 2 – 6 oz.steaks, your choice
  • Maries Sesame Ginger Coleslaw Dressing – 2 Tbsp

Bon Appetit and Tight Lines…….

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