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Winner Barracuda – Old Salt Photo Of The Week

00-PW-BarracudaCongratulations to William Harrell – He is the newest winner of the Old Salt Photo of the Week – Barracuda.


Barracuda facts:


  • snake-like in appearance, with prominent, sharp-edged,fang-like teeth
  • large, pointed heads with an underbite in many species
  • lateral line is prominent and extends straight from head to tail
  • In most cases, a barracuda is dark blue, dark green, white, or gray on its upper body, with silvery sides and a chalky-white belly. Coloration varies somewhat between species. For some species, irregular and unorganized black spots or a row of darker cross-bars occur on each side. Their fins may be yellowish or dusky


Barracudas live primarily in oceans, but certain species, such as the great barracuda, live in brackish water.


Barracudas are ferocious, opportunistic predators, relying on surprise and short bursts of speed (up to 27 mph (43 km/h)) to overtake their prey.

Adults of most species are more or less solitary, while young and half-grown fish frequently congregate. Barracudas prey primarily on fish (which may include some as large as themselves).

State Record:

67 lbs, caught near Islamorada in 1949

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