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Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner: Mahi Mahi

00-PW-mahiCongratulations to DON DELEON for winning this weeks photo of the week with a beautiful picture of a bull.  This bull won the 2015 U gotta Luv-Um Tournament. Pictured: Don Deleon, Lindsey Diehl and Dan Naumoff on the Contagious.


Dorado (MAHI or Dolphin) Description

Dorado (or mahi-mahi as they are called some places or dolphin fish as they are called in other places) are one of the world’s most popular gamefish, and it’s no mystery why that is.  They are spectacularly colored, fight hard and jump when hooked, and taste delicious.  They are abundant in most tropical locales and because they are a fast-growing, short-lived fish they are hungry more often than not.  They die of old age around 5-6 years and attain a maximum weight of around 90lbs.

Words and pictures cannot adequately describe the beauty of a fully lit up Dorado in the water.  I have seen thousands of pictures of Dorado and I can’t remember one that looked as good as the real thing.  They can change the intensity of their colors based on their mood and unfortunately their color usually fades almost immediately after they are brought on board a boat.  By the time they get back to the dock they are usually a dull gray color and you would have a hard time convincing anyone that they are one of the most strikingly colored fish in the ocean.  One of my fishing goals in life to get a picture that truly captures their beauty.  The ones in the gallery below are as close as I’ve gotten so far.

Males, often called “Bulls”, have a large distinctive flat forehead.  They grow bigger than the females, which are called “Cows”.  Most fish over 25lbs or so will be male.

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