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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Winner Kids Fishing

00-PW-kids2Congratulations to Dorian Moreno of Stuart, FL … He won Kids week with his first Bonita catch.  A prize pack is coming your way!!!


Why Go Fishing With Your Kids?  By

Fishing is one of humankind’s oldest pastimes. It’s easy to learn, easy to teach your children and doesn’t have to involve lots of expensive equipment. It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about aquatic ecosystems in a way that builds great memories.

My father, Bob Fields, taught me to fish as a young girl, and he’s now teaching his great-grandchildren, so I picked his brain to show you how to do it quickly and easily. I’ll also sprinkle in some of Papa’s best tips on fishing as we go along.

Children are naturally curious about the world we live in. They love to play in the water and are fascinated by creatures that swim (as any parent who has taken their kids to an aquarium can attest!).  Some of my earliest memories are of fishing with my parents from the bank of a pond on my grandparents’ farm using a cane pole. There was something irresistible about waiting for those fish to bite, and catching them became addicting!

But beyond just the basics of how to fish, learning to handle fish gently and return them quickly to their environment is a great lesson in compassion—something I have passed on to my own children.

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