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Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner – Kayak Fishing

00-PW-kayakThis week was kayak fishing pictures.  We had some really great photos sent in once again, but Russell Jacobs stole the show with his first Redfish catch on fly in his kayak.  Congratulations to Russell Jacobs!


The four basic rules to follow when angling from a kayak

  1. Dress to swim – always dress with the expectation of swimming. This not only means wearing your PFD, but also clothes that’ll do their job without getting in your way when they are wet.
  2. Rig to flip – ensure that everything is secured onto the kayak and it will float. Everything that shouldn’t get wet should be secured in a plastic bag.
  3. You body follows where your head goes – try to keep upright at all times with your head centered over the kayak. Once you must this trick, you will stay comfortably on to of your kayak no matter how mush it rolls. I’ve seen people fall in the water simply because they leaned out of the kayak to look around.
  4. Always give yourself a rod’s length of line – Winding in too much line only gives you more to do when you hook a fish or have to remove weeds from your line. Giving yourself a rod’s length of line means that you can grab your lure or fish, and work with a slack line, regardless if its braided or monofilament.

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