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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Sheepshead

00-PW-SheepsheadCongratulations to Stephanie Moir – she won this weeks Sheepshead photo of the week.  Her colorful pic featuring yes, both a Sheepshead and a Black Drum, captured our attention and gave her a win.

Easy Winter Sheepshead Fishing | Aboutsports.com

Sheepshead fishing during the winter months can be fantastic if you can find the fish. We went looking for them off the Georgia coast and found that most of the closer in artificial reefs along the Georgia coast are holding lots of good sized sheepshead. In the winter months the sheepshead head offshore to take up residence on these reefs. The key to catching them is knowing how to present your bait and how to set the hook!

That Subtle Bite  |  When a sheepshead bites a bait, he does not strike it and run like lots of other fish. Oh yes, you will occasionally find one that will do that if he is competing with another fish for food. But usually, they will simply swim up to the bait, gently suck it into their mouth, and sit in one place while they use their grinding teeth to crush the bait right off the hook. Once they do that they gently spit the hook right out of their mouth. So a long leader would leave enough slack that most anglers would never even know the fish was there.

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