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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Lobster Winner

00-PW-LobsterThis week was LOBSTER week and boy did it make our taste buds drool.  Here is Florida we have what is known as “mini season” or “sportsman” which refers to the 2 days that you can get your limit before the real season starts.  It is always the last week of July – Wednesday and Thursday.  The majority of lobster catches we see are from the Florida Keys, but there are lobsters throughout all of our shorelines.  Some of the biggest catches I’ve seen are from dive trips off of Tampabay.

Lobstering seems to be one of the the favorite family summer vacations for boaters. What better time than to drag your boat down to the keys and jump in the crystal clear blue waters and pull up dinner.  This is what inspired our winner pick this week.  CONGRATS to Chris Stenders for taking the win with his “lobsta hat” photo. He, his family and friends were down for “mini season” and hat a blast gather their catch limit.

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