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Diving / Spearfishing – Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner

00-PW-DivingCongratulations to Alex Fogg of Gautier, Mississippi for winning this weeks Photo of the Week: Diving / Spearfishing contest. Alex shot this 48lb Gag grouper at the rigs off Mississippi coastline.

If you know anything about oil rigs in the gulf you know that these offshore structures are home to coral-reef ecosystems that attract many large predators, it’s unlikely you’ll have much trouble hooking up when you drop a jig or bait.  Ever wondered what happens to an oil rig when it’s no longer producing? Since 1990, 450 in the Gulf of Mexico have been transformed into artificial reefs as part of a series of state-run programs known as Rigs to Reefs.

Thanks to the programs, which are run in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, the oil companies donate the rigs rather than tow them back to shore, and also donate half their cost savings.

Here is a link to the Mississippi Rigs to Reef program: http://www.dmr.state.ms.us/index.php/marine-fisheries/artificial-reef/75-rigs-to-reef

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