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Thank You and Merry Christmas

Thank You and Merry Christmas

As we celebrate the holidays (MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL) and wind our way towards the close of the year it is worthwhile to reflect on our activities & accomplishments, to date, and offer thanks for the support Old Salt receives from so many sources.

Activities & Accomplishments

Youth and Family Fishing

Kids and families. That’s a good place to start. Both the notion, and focus of considerable effort, to getting kids fishing is baked into the heart, the mission, and activities that support, the foundation. Old Salt tournaments, meetings, events and programs all have solid youth/family components.

Looking solely at stats, Old Salt hosted 11 dedicated youth/family tournaments and events in 2019, put on 2 summer fishing camps and, in combination with our broader tournament and event activities, put rods, reels, tackle & tackle boxes in the hands of over 1000 kids and wrote checks totalling $40,000 to youth and family oriented charities. We get kids and families fishing putting the combined creativity, money and sweat equity of our members, volunteers and partners where our hearts have led us.

One Old Salt youth event in particular , the 2019 Old Salt Kids Fishing Slam, was honored with inclusion in Fishing Booker’s Best Kids Fishing Tournaments In The U.S. this past October. We had better than 700 kids and their families at the event this year. It is nice to be recognized for our efforts and nicer still to see youth fishing events elevated like this.

Several of Old Salt sponsors deserve a special shout out for their efforts in support of our work with youth and family fishing. 13 Fishing, Mirrolure, Fish Florida, Suzuki Repower, Fishermans Ideal Supply House and Aylesworth Fish & Bait. These partners all step in, and up, to make certain Old Salt gets all the kids taken care of properly.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “it takes a village….”. For Old Salt Fishing Foundation that saying is more like “… it takes a fishing village…”. Old Salt is an all volunteer organization. Without our hundreds of volunteers, their thousands of donated hours and their endless spirit for giving back, none of our accomplishments would be possible. Some come for the tournaments, some for the kids and some to support a good cause & revel in the camaraderie. All come for Old Salt and we value them greatly.

**Thank you volunteers & board members and Merry Christmas


We mentioned a few of our sponsors with respect to youth and family programs. Add to those wonderful partners the likes of Maui Jims, Simrad Visit St. Pete Clearwater, Single Source Insurance, Pro Marine & SEB Productions. These year-round sponsors do much to help underwrite Old Salt and make programs and tournaments as successful as they are.

**Thank you sponsors & partners and Merry Christmas

old salt sponsors

Tournaments, Tournament Anglers & Fishing Teams

So, Old Salt is well known for its 2 annual King of the Beach – King Mackerel fishing tournaments. Attracting 1300 competitive fishing teams annually between the Spring and Fall kingfish tournaments, paying out almost $500,000 in prize money and putting on a whale of a beach party you can see why.

What is not so obvious is the impact these two successful tournaments have on the bottom line for the Foundation and it’s ability to execute on its mission. Monies from these two events provide a significant portion of our program funding for the year. So, we encourage anglers to #fishbigmoney – Fish The KING.

**Thank you anglers and fishing teams and Merry Christmas

Along with the two big kingfish tournaments, Old Salt hosts, helps with or sanctions another 9 fishing tournaments annually. Some are serious money, like the Loop Billfish Tournament, and some are more community fishing opportunities like our 3 Seawall Fishing Tournaments. Whichever, they are all great opportunities to get out and fish, maybe grab a buck or two in the process and have a load of fishing fun!

Old Salt Ladies Inshore/Offshore Fishing Tournament

Old Salt In 2020

We are already getting set up for our first tournament of the year, the Johnny Kellar Inshore Fishing Tournament, Held in late January this tournament is a local favorite. Named (and created, as well) in honor of a young man who passed in 2003, this first of the year event is a great opportunity to shake off the holiday leftovers, get out on the water and catch some fish.

What will the remainder of the coming year bring? Certainly more of what Old Salt already does very well. We are in the process of getting the year set up so, be sure to check the Old Salt Calendar as the new year rolls out for a look at what is ahead. One thing for certain, we will be expanding the offerings for sale in the Old Salt Store. The store has become a legitimate way to extend the Foundations brand and create a new and growing revenue source all at the same time. Be sure to visit the Old Salt Store.

January is also the time for members (…I know, who knew we had members??) to renew and a great time for everyone else to sign up anew. Renew or explore Old salt membership opportunities today.

And, who knows, maybe there will be a surprise or two in 2020? Stay tuned. Engage with us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. For now….

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Summer Kids Fishing Camp

Summer Kids Fishing Camp

It’s summertime and the fishing is good. At least, that is, for the kids attending summer camp at the Madeira Beach Recreation Complex. Volunteers from Old Salt Fishing Foundation set up, manned, cut bait, baited hooks, helped land catches and directed two fun filled days of fishing camp for the kids attending the summer program… Continue Reading

2018 – A Year To Be Thankful For

2018 – A Year To Be Thankful For

Old Salt had a very busy 2018,  with a full calendar of tournaments, angler seminars and meetings, family seawall fishing events and youth programs.  Old Salt held the Silver Anniversary (25 years) Spring and Fall King of the Beach fishing tournaments hosting over 1100 teams across the two events. Teams came from across the country… Continue Reading

Special Needs Kids Fishing with Old Salts

Special Needs Kids Fishing with Old Salts

This past weekend (Saturday, October 20th, 2018) Old Salt Fishing Foundation hosted its annual Very Special Kids Fishing Day, taking special needs kids fishing out of Ft. Desoto Park on lower Tampa Bay.  The day was blessed with amazing weather, the red tide was not present in the bay and the bite was on.   45 special… Continue Reading

Summer Camp Fishing in Madeira Beach

Summer Camp Fishing in Madeira Beach

Old Salt had the pleasure of providing a group of local youngsters with some summer camp fishing in Madeira Beach this July. In concert with Madeira Beach Recreation, Madeira Beach Marina, 13 Fishing, Fish Florida , Squid Ink Productions , Ricks Rods and 18 Old Salt volunteers we able to get 100 kids (ages 6-14) fishing. These… Continue Reading

A Fish Filled 2018

A Fish Filled 2018

Happy New Year!   We are looking forward to a fish filled 2018. We have a some new faces on our monthly seminar circuit, starting with Capt. Dave Markett speaking on Inshore Fishing Techniques to start this chilly month off with. We have 8 fishing seminars throughout the year covering the many aspects of fishing the… Continue Reading

Special Needs Kids get a Special Fishing Day

Annually, for the past 32 years, Old Salt Fishing Foundation has sponsored a fun filled day of fishing specifically for special needs children.  The Old Salt Very Special Kids Fishing Tournament, held at Fort Desoto Park Boat Ramp this year, was no different.  On Saturday, October 21, 2017, better than fifty special needs children and… Continue Reading

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