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Nature Coast Kayak Fishing Report – Summer 2019

Brian Stauffer, Fishhead Kayak Charters

With the dog days of summer upon us and our summertime coastal shower’s keeping the water temps in the mid 80’s the inshore creeks are filled with finger mullet and shrimp making for some great Nature Coast kayak fishing right now is the time to match the hatch.

Snook are a hot item for Nature Coast kayak fishing

The trusty ole gold spoon has been taking redfish working the bait with a nice slow wobble with your retrive on the front and back side of the oyster bars has been taking some nice slot redfish. I also have been watching the snook and Redfish smashing those schools of little finger mullet on the out going tide so once again match the hatch working a small suspending twitch bait around the oyster bars and along the edges of the spartina grass has been catching mid slot refish and snook up 30”.

Youl be pushing through tall grass when Nature Coast kayak fishing

Now on to some topwater action. First don’t put it away that topwater plug since its hot out. The early morning and lowlight conditions are excellent times to be walking the dog with a nice slow side to side erratic motion . Once again the same pattern front and back side of the oyster bars , a nice long parallel cast along the spartina grass will produce some awesome topwater action.

Snook are abundant when nature coast kayak fishing

There is nothing better than watching a bottom feeding redfish or snook come out of no where and explode on that bait. With this said load up that kayak and hit your favorate launch and start catching.

Tightlines . Bri

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Brian Stouffer showing off a handful of his catch this month.
Capt. Bri – The Fruits Of His Labor

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