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Kayak Queen, Jacinda Rose’s Nature Coast Fishing Report – November 2021

Nature Coast Fishing Report by Jacinda Rose                                                               November, 2021

Inshore fishing on the Nature Coast is really starting to fire up with the cooler weather we’ve been having. The fish are starting to push further into the backwaters.

We’ve had a lot of awesome redfish and snook gracing us with their presence, but we’re now seeing the bigger trout coming in to the shallower flats and grassy potholes, as well. Larger mangrove snapper and sheepshead have been pushing in, allowing for some excellent catches and table fare if you choose to keep your fish.

catching snook on florida's nature coast

Fall fishing really depends a lot on the weather, as we have flip flopping weather from day to day and/ or week to week. Watching the water and air temperatures, the condition and direction of the winds, and the tide levels are extremely important.  This is the time of year for a lot of west winds, which blow the water out, or prohibit it from coming in, causing shallower water than expected in a lot of areas. Being aware of the conditions and the area(s) you plan to fish are essential to avoid the possibility of getting stranded and waiting for the water to come back in.


Bait fish are getting harder to find in the backwaters, but when you can, pinfish are still a great bait for catching the redfish, snook and trout. Alternatively, live shrimp are working well, and are key for catching the snapper and sheepshead. I like to rig the live shrimp on a jighead and work it like an artificial in slow motion. Short, slow popping motions along the bottom have produced some great fish. If you’re fishing a rocky bottom, leaving it sit until the fish pick it up works well to keep from getting hung up. I prefer to free line the pinfish, using a small splitshot 6-8” above the hook in deeper water, or rig it under a cork and drift it along the mangroves when the water level is up. Artificial plastics, such as the Mirrolure Lil John or a light colorerd paddletail like the SaltStrong Slam Shady on a jighead have been producing  if you prefer to use artificial.

Cooler mornings, its best to target the deeper holes and channels to find the fish, but as the sun starts to warm the water, they’ll push up onto the flats to search for food. Watch for mullet and bait fish being chased across the water, and your target fish are sure to be nearby.

Best wishes and Tight Lines, Y’all! Hope to see you on the water!

Jacinda Rose

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