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Capt. Greg’s Space Coast Fishing Report – September 2021

Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Orlando

Last Month’s Action
Nearshore we had decent shark fishing and tarpon fishing. Out on the reef we had solid days of live bait trolling for king mackerel and almost every trip we would catch the occasional cobia, mahi or blackfin tuna. The mangrove snapper bite was inconsistent and when we did find them up in the water column they did not give us long before they would get spooky. Overall, we had an easy Summertime grind that yielded some great catches and put smiles on customers faces.

florida space coast fishing

September Near Shore Fishing Forecast
I personally am hoping for an extended summer but at some point our luck will run out and we will endure some affects from tropical storm activity on our coast. Once the big swell roll in our live bait will totally disappear, our tarpon will bounce out and our water clarity will go to garbage. This is not all bad because after that happens and the water settles, we will have transformed into a different fishery. Live shrimp and light tackle will produce good action from sheepshead, black drum, snook, margates, flounder, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle and lady fish inside the port and around the jetties. Shark fishing will be hit and miss but toward the latter part of the month we will welcome the big bull red drum that always make for fun fights and great pictures.

September Offshore Fishing Forecast
Normally September ranks in the top 2 worst months to fish in our area but, we might get lucky and hold onto that summertime calm seas and fishing while reaping the couple bonuses that come with September. As long as we hold on to calm seas, we will continue to have phenomenal live bait trolling for king mackerel and all the other species that get caught in the mix such as cobia and mahi to name a couple. The problem with September is at some point we get shakin by a hurricane or tropical storm that brings huge swell. The first day or two we get back out after this happens it can be banner mahi fishing and even banner cobia fishing depending on what depth we find a hard edge, or it can be a pure mud puddle everywhere and we can’t catch anything. It is one or the other and no in between. Its banner or it sux! A few days later as the water starts to blend, we will rely heavily on amber jack fishing & vermillion snapper fishing. Vermilions will stack on big structure to spawn so they make for easy pickings and great table fare as long as the current isn’t too strong to fish for them. This September we might keep all the action from live bait trolling and have great deep-water fishing for amber jack, vermillion snapper and that occasional grouper. Yellowfin tuna fishing should remain solid if we keep the calm seas to cover some water.

Lets all hope for a extended summer and that just might give us a September to remember.

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About Captain Greg’s Reports and Forecast
Captain Greg has been fishing the waters of Port Canaveral and the Atlantic for over 30 years. He has the largest and most highly rated private charter business in Port Canaveral, Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters. Greg and his team of full time captains fish well over 200 days each per year. We have kept detailed catch history for every trip ran since 2010. You can access this history at www.sealeveler.com/reports. His engineer wife, Amber, has analyzed the catch history along with other historical data such as water temperature and weather patterns. Greg uses his fishing experience and knowledge along with his wife’s statistical analysis to bring you the best fishing report available for Port Canaveral. Greg will give you the honest truth on how the fishing has been along with his best prediction of what to expect by using all of this information.

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