Capt. Greg’s Space Coast Fishing Report – August 2022

Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Orlando

It might be the hottest time of the year but it is time to think cold.

Thermocline fishing is upon us, so we have to fish based on the way fish react to it. Thermocline is when the water at the bottom gets really cold. This causes everything from bait fish, to bottom fish, to sharks & rays and even pelagic species to react differently. In a nut shell you will find most species moving to shallow water or higher up in the water column.

First thing we should notice is the bait fish. The ocean becomes alive with action along the beach and around shoals. The bait pushes to the surface to get warm. All this life will be overwhelming and by all means fun days can be put together by live bait trolling, live bait drifting or casting lures at every bait pod you see. Along the beach will be spanish mackerel, tarpon, jack crevalle & sharks. Just a little further out we will find bonito, king mackerel, cobia, sailfish, barracuda, and the occasional wahoo or mahi. Big structure in 100ft or less will have amber jacks & mangrove snappers to the surface. The amber jacks are easy to get to bite but the mangroves take a lot more finesse.

August thermocline fishing is awesome but at the same time absolutely maddening. Awesome because you get to see a lot of fish and life moving around. On the right days king mackerel and amber jacks will be eating out of your hand, jumbo mangrove snappers will be feeding on the surface and cobia will be shadowing rays and sharks in shallow water but maddening because the ocean gets really small when everyone is honing in on the same know structures and areas.

cobia fishing

No real reason to go outside of 100ft this month unless you want to do some deep drop fishing for golden tile. The thermocline doesn’t seem to affect the golden tile fish but truth be told we have done very little deep drop fishing in August over the years so I really don’t know. This is a great month for sword fishing and everyone seems to forget about yellowfin tuna but they are definitely still out there, just might have to go further.

We look forward to one more great month of weather and fishing before hitting the challenges that September sometimes can bring.

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Captain Greg has been fishing the waters of Port Canaveral and the Atlantic for over 30 years. He has the largest and most highly rated private charter business in Port Canaveral, Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters. Greg and his team of full time captains fish well over 200 days each per year. We have kept detailed catch history for every trip ran since 2010. You can access this history at His engineer wife, Amber, has analyzed the catch history along with other historical data such as water temperature and weather patterns. Greg uses his fishing experience and knowledge along with his wife’s statistical analysis to bring you the best fishing report available for Port Canaveral. Greg will give you the honest truth on how the fishing has been along with his best prediction of what to expect by using all of this information.

2 Responses to Capt. Greg’s Space Coast Fishing Report – August 2022

  1. Captain Skylars fishing report is right on spot. I should have read his report before going to the 8-A-Reef.
    Could not mark fish on the fish finder. We caught small mutton fish and small Sea Bass. Had to throw back, too small. Came home with no fish!!! We saw fish closer to the beach at the Ocean Shoals. I wanted to stop but my friend said go to the Reef, but without bottom structure coordinates. Drove around for 45 minutes looking for structure at the Reef. . Didn’t find any at all. So was kind of dissatisfied. Plus I’m not young either. I will have to read your reports first, or stick to going after the Redfish near the railroad bridge at Titusville. But I would like to find a good place for Mangrove and Mutton Snappers inland. Thanks ps. We used you services back in 2019 for my daughters bucket list to go shark fishing with y’all and you put right on the best spot for the sharks and all of us caught one and my grandson caught two and one was a black tip. Thanks again for a good trip.

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