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Volunteer Powered

The Old Salt Fishing Foundation is a 40+ year old 501C-3 organization offering non profit volunteer opportunities year round. Old Salt hosts over 25 volunteer driven fishing tournaments and angler events each year. Old Salt tournaments and events raise funds for youth & family fishing programs, angler advocacy and deserving charities like Pediatric Cancer FoundationPARC, Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation, 1st Downs 4 Life and others. Our events and tournaments are both fun and fundraisers. We depend on volunteer support to make it all happen! Pediatric Cancer Foundation, PARC, Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer

Old Salt NEEDS YOU at our many of events to help with setting up, breaking down, selling raffle tickets, food and drink tickets, helping in our “Kids Zone”, weighing fish and much more. When you volunteer for the Old Salt you make a positive impact on your community in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

non profit volunteer opportunities with Old salt