Lobster Winner – Old Salt Photo of the Week

Eric CiliThis week was LOBSTER week! We had some great competition on this species … over 120 submissions! Congratulations to Eric Cili for claiming the WIN!  He caught these out of Key Largo this month.

At the top of every diver’s (or fisherman’s) bucket list is lobster season in the Florida Keys. Divers call lobsters “bugs” because the crustaceans and insects come from the same phylum, Arthropoda. Shared traits include jointed appendages – legs, antennae and mouthparts – hence the bug reference. 

The Florida, or Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus argus , ranges from North Carolina to Brazil. It doesn’t have the large claws for hunting and defense like its cousin from the state of Maine. Its main defense is speed.  Lobsters prefer reefs and rocking outcroppings, but those caught unprotected on the open sand are not easy pickings. With one flip of the tail, these critters can take off, leaving a diver bewildered and empty-handed.



Winner of Shark Week – Old Salt Photo of the Week

Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen has just claimed winner of #SharkWeek – Old Salt Photo of the Week.  She caught this Lemon Shark in the Everglades National Park last August.

“They were insanely aggressive cut me off like butter 8xs before I got this little one … This lemon was a feat, I can’t wait to try again,” says Cindy.

Check out her quick video (click here)

The Everglades National Park is America’s largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like the manatee,  American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther.  Get more info on the park (click here)

Kayak Fishing – Old Salt Photo of the Week

Kayak Fishing – Old Salt Photo of the Week

Curtis George submitted the winning kayak fishing photo.

old salt photo of the week winner Curtis George with best Kayak photo

George hauled in a Black Drum caught on blue crab in May of 2014 off the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Nice Drum, Curtis! Enjoy the prize pack of Old Salt gear, MirrOlures and Swag.

Check out all of the kayak fishing submissions and be sure to get your photos in for this week – SHARKS!



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