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Woody’s Pre-Tournament Boat Inspection Checklist

Maintenance on the water is more difficult!
Maintenance on the water is more difficult!

Boat inspections are great to do every time you go out on the water, but failure to inspect your boat motor before beginning a tournament can be hazardous to your chances of winning! I personally have had the winning fish on my boat and then the boat batteries died. Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing.  It took us an hour and cost us the win. So, before your day on the water, always perform the described inspections:

  • Check that you have enough fuel for the intended run.
  • Check the oil level in the sump on four stroke engines. This should be done on a cool engine, before start up. On two stroke models, make sure you have a full remote oil tank.  Remember, there is a difference between 2 and 4 stroke engine oils. Most manufactures specify a particular blend or weight oil for most models.
  • Check your batteries solution level. The level should be kept between the MAX and the MIN level lines at all times. If the level drops below the MIN level line, top it off with Distilled Water only. Do not add additional acid.
  • Check to make sure the batteries leads are securely connected to the terminals and free of corrosion.
    Loose terminals can result in poor charging performance and is hard on the charging system, possibly leading to component failure.
  • Check for proper operation of the trim and tilt function
  • Visually inspect the steering system for proper operation. On hydraulic systems, check for any leaks.
  • Visually inspect your propeller to make sure there is no damage.
  • Make sure you have all safety and emergency equipment required on board.

Hopefully performing these pre-tournament checks will result in fewer issues on the water and result in more hook ups.
Tight Lines on the tournament trails!!!

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