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Winner Team/Group – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-TeamCongratulations to David Flynn for winning this weeks Photo of the Week Contest for the best Team/Group photo. 


There are all types of fishing teams out there …. the range is broad from father / son teams, friends just having a good time, to amateur and professional teams.  The “sport” of fishing doesn’t have a set path like baseball and football.  We would love to see fishing get organized to the point there are local fishing teams and clubs in every town (like baseball). A place that you can put your kids on to start with and move up the ranks every season as you age until you decide to go pro.  Simply put there are not right and wrongs for how a team is formed, how long one stays together or how much they fish.

One debatable question is What determines a professional team?  Some believe it is just money – buy your way in and the talent and the spot, etc.  We would all love to believe that raw talent can catapult you to that level.  In fact, recently we have noticed how many teams and individuals are getting sponsored to fish.  So maybe our beloved “sport” of fishing is starting to take real form like other organized sports.

We love all types of teams here at Old Salts – we just love to hear you are out fishing.  Friends, family … just have fun no matter what your skill level is.

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