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Winner MirrOlure … Old Salt Photo of the Week

Hunter koch2Congratulations to Hunter Koch for winning the MirrOlure Photo of the Week!

MirrOlures are have a wide variety of lures that range from soft baits to big game trolling lures.

Our favorite is the The MirrOlure® C-Eye Pro series features natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. The C85MR has that bright, reflective, luminescent insert that attracts fish. With a twitching retrieve, this Top Water Dog darts from side-to-side, calling in viscous strikes. Precision weight design allows Pro Dog JR. to cast long distances and walks with ease. The perfect “search bait” when probing the flats.

Shop for your favorite MirrOlures here: http://www.shopmirrolure.com

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