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Winner Best Cast Net – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-CastNetCongratulations to Capt. Noel Shaw for winning this weeks photo of the week – best Cast Net.  Capt. Noel runs Native Charters off of Anna Maria, FL. – check out his facebook page out – click here.


How To Throw a Cast Net The Easy Way – by

How to throw a cast net the easy way with simple easy to follow instructions. This is the last tutorial and set of tips you’ll need to learn to throw a cast net.

I’ve been a professional catfish guide for fifteen years and spend a lot of time throwing a cast net. This covers exactly what I do as well as tips for success throwing a cast net.

There are a number of ways to throw a cast net and there is no right or wrong way. The ultimate goal is that you can throw the net, get it to fully open up and can get shad inside of it. It really doesn’t matter how you throw the net as long as these things happen.

This covers two tutorials on how to throw  a cast net. One involves using your teeth and the other places the net over your hand instead of using your teeth. I’ve been throwing cast nets using my teeth for years and it’s an old habit. I can throw without using my teeth just as well but still prefer the other method of throwing a cast net.

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  1. […] Cast nets feature different lead weights per foot of radius where you are likely to find a ¾ pound, 1 pound, and 1-1/2 pound. Note that the more the lead, the tighter the net is spaced and the faster it will sink and allow you to catch more bait. Therefore, get a net with the largest lead size, but the one you can handle since a net that is too heavy to throw can result in almost zero catch. […]

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