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Why Wear Performance Gear

Your choice of fishing apparel can make or break your day out on the water. Some of the common complaints … Sunburned arms, hot, blood stains and so on. Fishing can take a toll on the wardrobe. The most popular fishing apparel out now is Performance wear. Performance wear is made of a poly knit with a moisture transport to help keep you comfortable while you’re out on the water. Our favorite performance wear shirts come with stain release to keep the blood and fish off your shirt and an anti-microbial to keep you smelling good while you’re fishing. But the most important functionality of Performance clothing is that they protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, most offer protection up to UPF 50+. Performance apparel is so comfortable you barely even know you have it on and because of the unique nature of the fabric, even while wearing long sleeves, you remain cool and dry.

While shopping for performance wear, you’ll often see the term “moisture wicking.” Moisture wicking, just means that the “Performance Fabric” pulls the moisture from your body to keep you cool and comfortable. You’ll also hear the technology called “Dri FIT”, which is basically the same thing as “moisture wicking”, just a trademark for a certain brand. One of the main things we look for is the UPF factor – living in Florida the sun can do some damage to your skin. So check the rating on your shirts.

When we say gear, it is more than just shirts. Many companies out their offer buffs, sleeves, gloves, shorts and pants. There is a wide variety to choose from.  I will say most all of them are designed to protect you while you fish.

huk_long_neptune_medium-1The Old Salt team has had the pleasure of trying a variety of different brands and designs. One brand stands out: HUK Performance Fishing Gear.  One of the things that sets HUK apart is their true passion for the water. Their shirts are quality and are tested …. and we mean they test them before they would consider selling one.  I’m sure you have seen many, many fisherman of all types wearing their gear – they were the “lab rats.” The apparel has championed through sweat, blood, salt water and sun exposure.   They also offer many styles from classic performance to office shirts and foul weather gear. Many colors and patterns are available.

The new line … KRYPTEK is awesome. See the description from HUK:
The Kryptek design is one of our proudest achievements. We have taken an innovative approach to fishing shirts, using colors and shapes inspired by fish, aquatic habitats, and nature to create the Kryptek style. It has elements of fish scales and camouflage, and the color pattern resembles light bending and reflecting in the water.

We look forward to the LADIES line that is slated to come out in 2016!

So, when choosing what you were while out on the water – Think Performance Gear!

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