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Top 5 Reasons to Use Aquatic Nutrition Chum

5 Reasons to use Aquatic Nutrition Chum….   DON’T LEAVE THE DOCK WITHOUT IT!

1. Non-Frozen. Since you don’t have to keep it on ice, you can take it anywhere.

2. Scientific approach not just fish carcasses and water like some frozen chums

3. Easy to mix up. Not Messy

4. Attracts wide varieties of Sportfish and Baitfish and gets them to eat.

5. Works on the Flats and Offshore.

I am an “average Joe” when it comes to fishing, but hear me out when I say I will never leave the dock without Aquatic Nutrition Chum. Chum Cloud and Snapper Up are my favorite to keep on board of my boat or kayak. Choosing which chum I want to use depends on what I want to fish for, if I want to go flats fishing on the kayak I will take a bottle of Chum Cloud and a bag of Flats Magic or Super Shrimp. Redfish love the scent of Super Shrimp. It has the equivalent of 6 pounds of fresh shrimp in every pound of pellets. When I decide to head offshore I take Chum Drop, Chum Cloud, and/or Snapper Up. Chum Drop is great for bottom fishing, Snapper up is great at bringing fish off the wrecks and to your hook, and Chum Cloud, sinks just enough in the water column and gives off an irritable scent the fish can’t help but to follow it, makes it great for trolling. By Andrew Fussell

Aquatic Nutrition’s innovative line of shelf stable saltwater fish attractants includes Bloodstream, Yellowtail Up, Chum Cloud & more. These fishing chums require no refrigeration and can be kept on the boat without worry of melting or smell. Their tournament-winning performance has made Aquatic Nutrition one of the best-kept secrets of the fishing world. Whether your goal is to win the King of the Beach or just have a great weekend fishing, you need to have Aquatic Nutrition chum on the boat.


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  1. Lets see some video proof of how well this works or does not work….i wanna see fish with LOCKJAW get turned on to feeding again….in other words PROVE IT

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