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Tarpon – Old Salt Photo Of The Week Winner

00-PW-TarponCongratulations to Zack Gonzalez – He is the newest winner of the Old Salt Photo of the Week – Tarpon.


Tarpon facts:


  • grow to about 4–8 ft long and weigh 60–280 lbs
  • dorsal and anal soft rays
  • have bluish or greenish backs
  • possess distinctive lateral lines and have shiny, silvery scales that cover most of their bodies, excluding the head
  • large eyes with adipose eyelids
  • broad mouths with prominent lower jaws that jut out farther than the rest of the face


Tarpon can be found in both saltwater and freshwater habitats, and are able to survive in brackish water.


Tarpons jump up out of the water about four times when hooked making them very challenging to catch. These behaviors can also be damaging to anglers before they are hooked as they can also jump without warning.

Adults are strictly carnivorous and feed on midwater prey; they swallow their food whole and hunt nocturnally.

State Record:

243 pounds, Key West, 1975

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