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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Winner SNOOK

00-PW-SNook2Congratulations to Jesse Wright to win this weeks photo of the week Snook!

Here is a great article on Snook ….

Don’t be blind-sided by this line sider. This fish is one of the most sought after inshore species. That’s not just because they test your patience and tackle but because they are delicious on the dinner table as well. Get ready for the tips to start flying that will put you on this great game fish.

1.) Beach Fishing

Set your alarm clock early because the key to beach fishing success is being the early bird. Snook are up and down the beaches all summer long. Look for beaches near the passes and beaches that have a bend in them. This is where you’ll start finding the fish. Mornings when the water is calm and clear is an ideal scenario for sight fishing. Light tackle and long leaders are 100% the way to go. You can use artificials or live bait. With artificial bait, you can cover more ground without the nuisance of a bait bucket. For artificials, small white buck tails, white spoons, DOA 1/4oz shrimp, shad tails, and jerk baits on 1/16oz to 1/8oz jig heads all seem to get the job done.

The key is to lead the fish or to be in front of the fish leading them as naturally as possible. They survive as a predator by chasing their prey down. Live shrimp work well, or you can break little Johnny’s cast net out and net some white bait on the beach. Use a small circle hook so that the bait can swim as naturally as possible without sinking. A #4 to 3/0 hook with 20lb to 30lb fluorocarbon leaders is the way

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