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Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner – HOGFISH

00-PW-HogfishAngie Anderson took the win this week with some nice hogs from Anclote. Check out the healed over spear scar on the middle fish’s head! We thought this was a great picture and deserved the win.  Congratulations!


How to catch Hogfish?

Most anglers targeting hog snapper utilize light bottom tackle and will anchor over hard bottom. The only baits that will entice hog snapper are shellfish such as crab, shrimp, squid or pieces of spiny lobster. An excellent eating fish, many anglers consider the hogfish to be the best eating fish on the reef. The following are fishing methods used to catch this fish: drift fishing or still fishing.

Where to catch Hogfish?

The hogfish can be found primarily in Florida and Bermuda but ranges as far north as South Carolina and as far west as the Gulf of Mexico. It is commonly found over open bottoms and corals reefs at depths ranging from 10-100 feet. This species prefers rocky and reef bottoms with hard sand such as patch reefs. Hogfish are widely distributed along the edges of reefs and will form small groups, particularly in areas where gorgonian corals are found. The larger specimens can be found in the middle reef sections while smaller fish tend to patrol the outside portion of the patch reefs.

Info taken from: Take Me Fishing

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