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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Kingfish Winner

00-PW-kingfish3This past week we ran a King of the Beach special photo of the week contest. Our winner for best King Mackerel photo, Brian Nelli, wins $500 plus a free entry into the tournament. Prizes are courtesy of Old Salt sponsor, FishBrain.


Have you ever fished a Kingfish Tournament? If yes, then you know that the Old Salt King of the Beach is one of the best events in the country.  It kicks off with a party … yep, a party to catch up with all your fishing buddies (aka competition) and share your latest fish tales and have a beer or two.  We go over the rules and make sure all the teams have checked in and are ready to fish.  Saturday fishing starts at 6am.  No check outs or shotgun starts to worry about, just get up and go! The weigh in this fall will start at 3pm and if you are fishing you must be in line by 5pm.  Don’t cut it to close, we do shut the line down promptly at 5pm. Then the real excitement begins … weighing the kings.  It is always exciting to see what all your buddies have brought back to the scales and who is going to be crowned King.

This fall is going to be extremely intense …. we are all competing for a $50,000 pay day! Oh my, we just stepped up the game.  Go check out all the details about the event and if you have any questions feel free to call the office or email us.

Old Salt Line: 727-216-6601
Old Sale Email: info@oldsaltfishing.org

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  1. Submitted a few pictures in the last few contests and they have not been shown…..is this run by a computer? Is it random?

    • Hi Joshua. The Photo of the Week contest is in fact run by humans. We receive hundreds of pics each week and put somewhere between 30-40 up on our Facebook page during that time. All of the photos submitted are available for viewing the week after the contest ends on the Photo of the Week page itself… just below the winner’s pic and article. Winning pics are chosen every Tuesday morning by a group of Old Salt board members and volunteers.

      Thanks for participating and please, keep them coming. The more interesting the pic, the more likely it is to make it to the Facebook page and the more likely it is to win.

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