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Old Salt Photo of the Week – Best Kayak Fishing Winner

00-PW-KayaksThis week was kayak fishing pictures and the competition was on with a special prize donated by Canoe Country Outfitters: an Engel Cooler/Dry box full of goodies.   Jeremy Fritchy took the win with an awesome picture with a drum caught on fly.

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing sport in the fishing industry. It is a fun and affordable way to get into fishing.  There are a few essentials you need to get started:

Three obvious items you’ll need for kayak fishing

Kayak: it would be impossible to go kayak fishing without a kayak. Again – congratulations on your purchase!

Paddle and paddle leash: unless you went all in and purchased a pedal-drive kayak, the paddle is the means of propulsion and you are the motor. A paddle leash is attached to the kayak, and has bungee cords that attach to the paddle. If you drop your paddle overboard, it will not float away from the kayak.

Fishing rod: I recommend bringing only one rod out on your first trip. The fewer rods you have, the less you have to worry about getting tangled in low-hanging tree branches. As you gain experience with your kayak and being on the water, you can bring more rods.

Excerpt by: YakAngler.com  – Kevin Costello


This week is WAHOO pictures and the prize is an ILAND LURE package valued at $165

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