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Old Salt King of the Beach 2015 Aggregate Standings

This past Spring started the 2015 Aggregate prize in the King of the Beach.  It cost $55 to enter and the prize pool is up to $3,950.  In order to win you must have entered in the spring (not mandatory to weigh a fish).  Here are the standings going into the fall event:

Captains Name (First) Captains Name (Last) Boat Name Spring Weight
Dave mistretta jawstoo 49.12
Josh Campbell send it/Anderson Road Café 42.34
Nick Darcangelo Outta Line 36.36
harry thomas yellowbird 34.68
Jeffri Durrance Top Down 34.36
Christopher Queen RoofSmith of Tampa 32.70
Steve Papen Lagerhead 31.34
Brian Spaeth Southern Nights Seafood 30.40
Richard Fabrizzi Team Kingfish Connection 28.54
Brian Hasson Kindred Spear-it 25.42
Jim Gruber Long Grub 24.90
Chuck Peterson Saltwater Junke 24.42
Aric Bergerman Under Armour Fishing Team 22.34
Chris Stineman Team Paver Supply Warehouse 21.72
Jason Gell G-Force / Bollman Boating 21.42
Richard Vargas Seaschool/Escape 20.96
rick caruso badhabit 20.84
Keith Hall Rambunctious 20.76
Shane Miller Marine Cowboy 19.72
Hale Wilson Lady Godiva 19.64
Robbie McRanie Crap Happens/Sea Dog 18.50
Mark Vaughan Reel Crazy 13.38
Alex Fernandez Miss Sophia 11.92
bob henchey playing hooky 11.40
Dave Marsicano Nobility 8.30
Kyle Applefield Team iTrekkers 0.00
Tom Bailas TNT Fish Team 0.00
Ron Berdell Wine Down 0.00
Jose Borrego Outta Liner / Flat Liner 0.00
Chad Campbell suncoast dive center 0.00
Rob Campbell Travis Marine Group 0.00
Harry Carter Seahunt 0.00
Dan Casey Team Snappers 0.00
Alex Castillo Mechy 1 0.00
anthony celamare wicked 0.00
Richard Clayton Sourdough 0.00
Ken Dellane KINGPIN 0.00
Michael DeWitt SuperFISHous 0.00
John Fidi Stiff Competition 0.00
Derek Finger Contentious 0.00
Steven Foster Team No Kill 0.00
Robert Francis Oceanna Grace 0.00
Christopher Furr Sports Brand Grill 0.00
Manny Galvao Justin Time 0.00
Mark Goodwin Dr First 0.00
Jason Grundon Sodium Offshore 0.00
Todd Gwilt Team Ditch Witch 0.00
Daniel Harper Just Add Water 0.00
Grant Johnston Diamond in the Rough 0.00
michael kalous armed forces 0.00
Mark Kanyha Siesta Key Fishing Charters 0.00
Christopher Kenny Never Satisfied 0.00
Peter Kratimenos REEL WOOD 0.00
matt kube badonk a donk 0.00
will lamneck sparky’s machine 0.00
Capt. Joe Macfarlane Smokin Reels 0.00
Joe Maisano Go Fast/Intel 0.00
Jay Mastry Jaybird 0.00
Scott Mednick Sirena Del Mar 0.00
Bill Miller Lucky Strike 0.00
Taylor Naset Pro Marine Too 0.00
Jim naset ProMarine 0.00
Michael Panasevich The Cigar Republic 0.00
Chrsitian Peterson Rack’em Sausage 0.00
Tom pooler tampabayoffshorefishing 0.00
Zach Railey Don Ray Gear 0.00
Eric Sidor En-Vi-uS/HUK Gear 0.00
RG Stathas Black Hawk 0.00
Eric Sullivan Hooked Up 0.00
bryan swan left coast 0.00
John Thomas Walleye II 0.00
Balint Varga Hooker 0.00
Doug Waechter Tommy’s Auto Service 0.00
Alex Widmann Gator Dredging 1 0.00
Timothy Wooten Never satisfied 0.00
Robert Yarish Oceana Grace 0.00

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