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Old Salt Announces Sea Tow of Tampa Bay as “Official Old Salt Marine Towing Service”

“No brainer for any boat owners”

If you’ve spent any length of time boating you know what it feels like to be broken down on the water and in need of marine towing services. It’s never fun and typically ruins what was supposed to be a great day and quickly turns it into a bad one. Whether it’s a engine problem, fuel or you ran a ground, the fact remains the same, you need assistance. I’ve personally been stranded miles offshore (more than once) and know the feeling well. In the blink of an eye a breakdown or mishap occurs with no warning. Immediately your concerned for your crew and your boat, the last think you want to think about is how to get help! A towing package should be a no brainer for any boat owner. The cost to be towed into port without a marine towing package (of any kind) can cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For less then $200 for the year you are covered ANYWHERE in the world by Sea Tow. Many people think they are covered with their insurance polices but the truth is your insurance will only pick up a small fraction of a tow and you are stuck paying the rest. Lets say you live in St. Pete and decide to take a Scalloping trip with the family up to Homosassa. You’re having a great time, loading up on some of the oceans bounty and you loose power. If you’re a Sea Tow member it’s a simple as making a radio call. The closest Sea Tow boat will be there to assist you. Its not a matter of distance, there are no limits. Each region of Sea Tow works together to be sure they can reach you as fast as possible, now that’s peace of mind.

Marine Towing Experts

I’ve recently had the privilege of getting to know new owners of Sea Tow of Tampa Bay, Tampabay locals Cile and Raul Moreno. They are family owned and operated, dedicated to the highest quality service to there customers and the community. Knowing the Morenos personally it truly is a matter of safety and timeliness first. In fact, Cile has called Eckerd College XR program to assist a stranded family that was in no danger. Knowing the vessel they were in and the fact that there was four kids on board she knew they needed out of blazing sun, fast. Cile accessed the time it would take to get a Sea Tow boat to them and new XR would reach them much faster. Making calls such as that is the difference between putting your customer first or yourself and that is the type of person I want to depend on!

Marine Towing ServicesDedicated to You, Your Community and Your Safety

In 2007, Sea Tow Services International received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for creation of a national public service organization entitled Sea Tow Foundation. Created by Sea Tow founder, Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, the Sea Tow Foundation promotes safe boating practices and educational initiatives that directly reduce accidents, fatalities and property damage related to recreational boating.

Join us at the July Old Salt Monthly Meeting and Seawall Tournament, July 14th and meet the Moreno family. They will be on the water, assisting with the Seawall tourney and by land, providing us with a great activity “The Kids Life Jacket Challenge”. Sea Tow will provide life jackets to any child that wants to participate; the game is who can put their life jacket on the fastest, correctly. Cile and Raul are dedicated to educating and engaging our youth at a early age teaching boat and water safety.

Sea Tow is a ideal partner for the Old Salt to be matched with. We are looking forward to working with them and bringing them into the Old Salt Family through our tournaments, programs and events.

A few benefits of a Sea Tow membership

  • World Wide Marine Towing Coverage
  • No boat towing distance or dollar limits in your home area.
  • Coverage for every boat owned by the member regardless of operator
  • Coverage for any boat the member charters, rents, leases or borrows
  • 24/7 Priority Service
  • Towing, Fuel Drops, Jump Starts, Disentanglements, covered upgroundings
  • Dock-to-Dock Tows and Repairs
  • $5,000 Universal Towing Coverage
  • Local Sea Tow captains available for knowledge, navigation assistance and more
  • Savings and Discounts
  • Free Automated Radio Checks

 Download the Sea Tow App Free Today- click here

Know the Tides, Check the Forecast, Get your Bearing and more


By: Jill Foraker, a.k.a. JillyFish

Old Salt Board of Directors

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