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Kiss Your Fish

So, do you kiss your fish. If yes is your answer, then why? If that’s not how you roll, then why not?

Old Salt receives several thousand fishing pics during the year, a couple hundred of which involve someone kissing a fish. It’s a thing…. a real thing. So much so that we all know someone who engages in the practice. The why’s and wherefores of the practice differ from one person to another, however.

Kissing your fish is an old tradition. While the origins are a bit gauzy, it seems to center around respect for the fish, the idea that the kiss will bring you luck and some believe it symbolizes a ‘kiss goodbye’. Further there are those who believe that fisherman kiss fish to apologize for catching them in the first place and to speed up the healing process of the wound left by the hook.

At the end of the day, those who kiss their fish do so for reasons of their own. Maybe its just to good of a selfie opportunity to pass up. Maybe it’s one of the reasons alluded to above. Maybe it is something all together different.

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