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Kayak Queen, Jacinda Rose’s Inshore Nature Coast Fishing Report – April 2021

Ozello has been a tough one to break this past month. With the never ending high winds and low water, not to mention the cold fronts that don’t realize winter is over, its been tough to get out & that makes it tough to stay on the fish. Seems like every other trip is a scouting mission to see where they’ve gone! Finding the fish hasn’t been the biggest issue. Getting them to eat, however, has been a task! Lockjaw is real!

With the lack of rainfall, the water has remained super clear. Although its great for spotting and sight casting fish, it also works against the fisherman. If you can see the fish, they can likely see you just as well, putting them on high alert! They’re easily spooked and I swear I’ve heard several laughing as they swim away!! The key is distance! Distance yourself from the fish as far as possible! This means you need to cast further! You’re not going to catch a fish off the nose of your kayak in clear water! All that being said, there are still some really nice fish being caught! Seek out those muddy bottom areas where the water gets murky. You may not see the fish as well, but neither will they see you!

Big snook are making their way back into the area with the warming waters, so bumping that leader line up to at least 30 lb test is a great idea if you don’t want to lose a potential personal best catch!! Keep in mind that snook like moving water, so if you’re targeting them, look for points and channels with heavy current flow.

Redfish have literally been everywhere!! Drift over most any flat & you’ll likely see them cruising around. Points, coves, deep holes and mangrove lines on incoming tides are filled with redfish. Finding ones willing to eat is the hard part. Be prepared to have an assortment of bait and lures to find what they’re willing to eat!

Most of the trout have gone out to deeper water, but some big girls have still been hanging around. Grassy flats and deep pockets have produced more than a few upper and over slot trout!

As we know, its Kingfish season. Though you can’t expect to find any while kayaking in Ozello, we do get the Spanish Mackerel visits! Already had a few caught in the past week or so!

With April already in full swing, the rains should be picking up, hopefully the winds laying down and the temperatures steadily rising into the summer! Ozello is in its prime during warm weather, and I’m super excited for the upcoming months of big redfish and snook!

Hope you’ll be able to get out there and catch some for yourself! Until next time, Tight Lines & Good Times, Y’all! Catch em up!

Hey y’all! My name is Jacinda. I live in Citrus County, and am a Kayak Fishing guide out of Ozello, Florida.

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Kaku Kayak team in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and began my kayak fishing chartering service. There is nowhere I’d rather be than on my kayak reeling in bull redfish and monster snook!

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