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Jason “Snooky” Stock Fishing update and videos

Hey guys it has been an amazing tarpon season and it is still firing off.  Last nights afternoon trip still went 4 for 6 also sighted a 10 foot Hammerhead on the way out catching bait.  Along with the big Tarpon comes big sharks!  Here’s a video of a 12 foot tiger shark we sight fished on the bar in 6 foot of water.

Also had a shot at the 15 foot hammerhead hooked him but the heavy braid balled up in the spool and popped 200.   I now am  rigged with 200 lb mono with a serious shark rig.  Here’s the video of a 15 hammerhead eating a free swimming and also us hooking up the massive hammerhead.

The reef fishing has been fired up with Bonita, Sharks, cobia and Mangrove snapper clouded up on the surface.  The Goliath grouper are extremely aggressive this time of year we have been catching them with the big rod but the hand line is the go to and extremely fun to do!   Inshore the water is about 90 degrees so sunrise or sunset is the ticket for catching them.  Lots of snook around this time of year and got shots at catching 40 plus inch fish!

Great variety and big fish to catch give me holler on available dates this summer.

Here are a couple more tarpon videos.

Week long trip with a couple from Canada great action and variety!

Capt Jason Stock

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